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HBCU Innovation Experience


The HBCU Innovation Experience, a collaboration between The Alabama Collective and Innovate Alabama, offers a multi-phased approach to Expose, Educate, Engage and Empower HBCU students and faculty. Through cutting-edge educational skill development training, on coding, app development, entrepreneurship, business management and innovation essentials the program ensures HBCU students possess the critical skills necessary for success. In addition, this program fosters community building through virtual workshops, networking engagement activities, internships and campus events; creating spaces for collaboration and idea exchange with hackathons, pitch competitions and roundtables which serve as catalysts for talent to showcase their prowess and address real-world problems.

The HBCU Innovation Experience ardently advocates for diversity and equity at all levels, driving systemic change while tracking and celebrating success stories to inspire others fostering innovation and inclusivity across the entire state of Alabama.

Community Impact

The HBCU Innovation Experience supports all 14 HBCUs throughout the state, including both 2-year and 4-year degree granting institutions.

  • Visited and hosted tech and entrepreneurship events at nearly all 14 HBCUs
  • Exposed 1000+ HBCU students and faculty to Innovate Alabama programs
  • Provided summer internships for over 20 HBCU students
  • Trained aspiring HBCU student entrepreneurs representing 50% of Alabama HBCUs
  • Awarded $40,000+ in prize money to HBCU students entrepreneurs and innovators
  • Granted 20+ HBCU students Apple certifications
  • Increased awareness and exposure via social and website communication over 3000%


  • All Access @ The Classic
  • Blacks in Tech Roundtable
  • Tech Pathways
  • Code Camps
  • Innovation Power Hours
  • App Build & Pitch Competition
  • Build Your Idea Workshop
  • Summer Internships
  • Business Pitch Competition
  • Practical Startup Strategies
  • Jumpstart Entrepreneurship Training
  • Innovate Alabama Hackathon


As president of Trenholm State Community College, I have participated in the HBCU Innovation Experience, along with our students and faculty. This initiative provides enrichment and innovative opportunities for our 14 Alabama HBCUs. Creating opportunities such as these and breaking down barriers within our HBCUs helps to provide additional assets and tools needed to navigate a future defined by innovation and inclusivity.

—Dr. Kemba Chambers, President Trenholm State Community College

As an HBCU graduate deeply immersed in the dynamic world of technology, I appreciate the transformative power of the HBCU Innovation Experience program. It’s not merely a curriculum; it’s a comprehensive journey that Exposes, Educates, Engages, and Empowers. I am a proud product of an HBCU, and I firmly believe that programs like these are instrumental in shaping the next generation of diverse, skilled and innovative leaders. The HBCU Innovation Experience is not just a program; it’s a movement that propels HBCU students toward a future where their talents, ideas and aspirations are not just recognized but celebrated and empowered.

—Quincy Minor, Chief Executive Officer, KAM Technologies | Alabama State University Alum

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