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Helping Innovators Grow Roots

June 10, 2024

Innovate Alabama launches SEEK AL to highlight the rich outdoor recreation opportunities in Alabama to encourage innovators to grow roots in Alabama 


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BIRMINGHAM, AL (June 10, 2024) – From the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains to the white sands of the Gulf Coast, Alabama provides an untold number of opportunities for innovators to work, play and grow roots in Alabama. That’s why Innovate Alabama launched SEEK AL, a campaign dedicated to revealing the incredible outdoor lifestyle assets Alabama has to offer.  

“Alabama is home to a wealth of natural beauty and outdoor recreation opportunities,” said Innovate Alabama CEO Cynthia Crutchfield. “As part of Innovate Alabama’s Lifestyle and Recreation pillar, we are excited to showcase all of the beauty that Alabama has to offer entrepreneurs with an appreciation of the great outdoors.” 

SEEK AL will leverage the state’s parks, waterways, greenways and trails to position Alabama not just as a thriving innovation ecosystem, but a place that has something for everyone, whether a current resident or someone looking to relocate. 

SEEK AL will be a multifaceted campaign, including the following elements: 

  • The Outdoor Recreation Asset Map: This interactive map showcases outdoor recreation assets around Alabama, allowing locals and statewide enthusiasts to find their next adventure. 
  • SEEK AL social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, sharing crowdsourced content from outdoor recreation assets, such as DeSoto Falls or Moss Rock Preserve. 
  • Sharing stories of business leaders and entrepreneurs in Alabama and how they have grown roots through Alabama’s outdoor recreation ecosystems. 
  • Highlighting partnerships between SEEK AL and Alabama higher education institutions to encourage students from Alabama and out of state to get outside and explore their local assets, utilizing outdoor recreation as a tool to keep talent in the state after graduation. 

Innovate Alabama will be adding an outdoor recreation grant opportunity in the next round of the Innovate Alabama Network, a comprehensive resource to connect communities fostering innovation in their own backyard. 

“We see tapping into Alabama’s abundant outdoor recreation assets as a key differentiator in attracting and retaining talent. Activities like hiking, mountain biking, or paddling that you may reserve for a long weekend elsewhere are a way of life here,” said T.C. McLemore, executive director of outdoor recreation programs for Innovate Alabama. “When I’m out on a mountainside trail or enjoying the beach with my family I often hear, ‘Who knew Alabama had this?’ Launching SEEK AL is an effort to showcase everything that this great state has to offer to our residents and to those looking for where their next move might take them.” 

As a marketing campaign reaching beyond state borders, SEEK AL realizes a recommendation made by Innovate Alabama’s Council on Outdoor Recreation, led by Chris Blankenship, commissioner of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. 

“People from Alabama have long known that our state is filled with natural beauty and has something for every outdoor enthusiast, and now we’ll have a comprehensive inventory of all of Alabama’s outdoor recreation assets, along with the Seek AL website that will serve as a central hub for outdoor recreation in the state,” said Commissioner Blankenship. “Thanks to Innovate Alabama, residents and innovators alike will now have the resources to fully experience ‘Alabama the Beautiful.’” 

Eligible outdoor recreation projects and assets can apply to receive resources from SEEK AL under the Innovate Alabama Network. For more information on SEEK AL, visit, and to learn more about Innovate Alabama’s other initiatives and pillars, visit  


About Innovate Alabama  

Innovate Alabama is Alabama’s first statewide public-private partnership focused on entrepreneurship, technology and innovation with a mission to help innovators grow roots here in Alabama. Innovate Alabama was established to implement the initiatives and recommendations set forth in the Alabama Innovation Commission’s report, including smart policy solutions that will create a more resilient, inclusive and robust economy to remain competitive in a 21st-century world. With founding CEO Cynthia Crutchfield leading the charge, Innovate Alabama is also made up of a board of 11 innovation leaders appointed by Gov. Ivey, collaborating across sectors to advance industries, drive technology and facilitate an environment where innovation and entrepreneurship thrive. Learn more about Innovate Alabama at

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